Fuels America Coalition Applauds EPA Support for Renewable Fuel Standard

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This morning, after in-depth analysis, the EPA decided not to waive the Renewable Fuel Standard. The agency found that the RFS has had “little or no impact” on corn and food prices and that the waiver isn’t needed. Below is the Fuels America coalition official statement on the decision:

The multi-sector members of Fuels America are happy to see that the RFS, a policy that has driven job creation and investment in a time of economic distress, will remain intact. It has helped to attract billions in investment to an industry that supports over 400,000 jobs.

The economic facts support EPA’s decision. We commend the agency for recognizing the importance of the policy to lowering gas prices and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and the role of the drought, not renewable fuels, in driving current commodity prices.

The certainty that this decision delivers will support continued investment and innovation in a range of diverse, efficient and advanced renewable fuel technologies.

Today, we’re taking a moment to thank the EPA. But tomorrow, we’re going to keep fighting for the entrepreneurs, farmers, scientists and consumers who benefit each day from fuel grown in America. Join us!


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