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It’s been a busy year for Fuels America. We worked tirelessly to advocate for America’s most successful carbon reduction program: the Renewable Fuel Standard. Here’s a look at some of our highlights from 2015.

The Rally for Rural America

More than 450 farmers, green energy innovators, students, and workers gathered in Kansas to tell the EPA that the Renewable Fuel Standard is working for rural America. The rally occurred across from the EPA’s hearing to get support on a proposed change to the RFS.  Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon delivered passionate messages about the importance of ethanol to their state economies.


More Than 200,000 Signatures

More than 200,000 people from all 50 states signed the Fuels America petition, asking President Obama and the EPA to stand up to the oil industry and support renewable fuel. When leaders from the National Farmers Union and I Am Biotech hand-delivered the comments to the EPA, the boxes of printed signatures stood over 5 feet high.

In the video below, farmers and renewable fuel supporters also spoke to the importance of the RFS in their everyday lives and communities.

A Decade of Progress

In August, Fuels America celebrated the tenth anniversary of the RFS. In the decade since its passage, oil imports are at the lowest level in 20 years and consumers have gained another choice at the pump. The RFS benefits the economy, the environment, and national security.

A Decade of Progress

EPA Head Supports the RFS 

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke at the Growth Energy conference in Washington, DC and expressed support for the Renewable Fuel Standard. McCarthy told attendees that “The biofuel industry is the great American success story,” and that “the EPA is working hard to make sure we are moving towards the [RFS] levels intended by Congress.” Secretary Vilsack also offered praise for the RFS and encouraged the industry to promote more positive news about ethanol.

Gina McCarthy Tweet

Farm Income Report 

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and the National Farmers Union (NFU) released a white paper that details a decrease in farm income as well as uncertainty resulting from the EPA’s delayed rule. Corn farmers have led the way to major growth in the ethanol industry, increasing production through investments in technology, improved yields, and sustainable practices. The renewable fuel industry is responsible for creating more than 852,000 jobs nationwide, particularly in rural communities, as well as higher farm incomes across the country.

The President’s Choice

Fuels America launched an ad campaign about President Obama’s choice of who to listen to on the RFS: his own experts showing that renewable fuel significantly reduces carbon emissions, or the oil industry, which has spent decades covering up the facts on renewable fuel and climate science.

The RFS and Rural Voters

The National Farmers Union (NFU) announced a poll which found major support for the Renewable Fuel Standard from rural voters in both parties. Third Way provided an analysis of the poll, noting that moderate voters in rural areas are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports the RFS.

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