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The Fuels America coalition responded today to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal related to the amount of renewable fuel that will be blended in the nation’s fuel supply next year: 

We are astounded by the proposal released by the Administration today. It reflects an “all of the above, except biofuels” energy strategy. If implemented, would cost American drivers more than $7 billion in higher gas prices, and hand the oil companies a windfall of $10.3 billion.

The impact of this proposal on the renewable fuel industry– both first and second generation - cannot be overstated. It caps the amount of renewable fuel used in our gasoline far below what the industry is already making, and could make next year, using an approach that is inconsistent with the RFS.

It would siphon investment in cellulosic and advanced renewable fuels off to other countries and put U.S. jobs at risk.  And it will idle ethanol plants, adding to the unemployment rolls and devastating rural economies.

This proposal embraces the fictional ‘blend wall’, a narrative created by the oil industry to stifle competition and deny Americans higher blends of renewable fuel.  Oil companies have slowed the adoption of higher blends by discouraging and intimidating station owners from upgrading their infrastructure, fear mongering around E15, and filing lawsuits. 

First and second-generation renewable fuel producers have invested billions in America and in clean fuel technology that will move us forward. Lowering renewable fuel targets will wipe away years of that progress.

We appreciate the Administration’s sentiment that they are committed to the renewable fuel industry and look forward to working with them to ensure the final proposal reflects realities within the industry, and a smarter, cleaner energy future for the U.S.

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