Time to Lead By Example

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President Obama has said that the U.S. needs to lead by example on climate change. But now, he faces a critical decision.

The Renewable Fuel Standard is the most successful climate policy on the books. It has reduced greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

But the EPA’s proposal on the Renewable Fuel Standard would insert a waiver that could allow the oil industry to avoid blending low carbon fuel if they so choose. Because oil companies control most of the nation’s gas stations, the proposed waiver would amount to the oil industry deciding the fate of the RFS.

It's also the same loophole that Sen. Jim Inhofe, the Senate’s most notorious climate denier, tried to get into the law in 2005. Oil companies cannot be allowed to dispute RFS blending requirements based on problems of their own creation.

Our country needs a strong RFS. The RFS has reduced U.S. carbon emissions by 589.33 million metric tons, the equivalent of removing 124 million cars from the road. The EPA’s proposed rules would effectively put 7.3 million cars back on the road in one year alone.

Mr. President, if you intend to keep your promise to the companies that joined your American Business Act on Climate Pledge, the only way to do that is to reverse your disastrous proposal on the RFS and commit to renewable fuel.

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