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America has a clear choice when it comes to how we’ll fuel our economy, create jobs and enhance our energy security. America’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is the key to making the right choice. First enacted in 2005, the RFS has strengthened America’s rural economies and communities, improved America's energy security and spurred millions of dollars of investment in new technology for conventional and advanced renewable fuel – making the U.S. the global leader in renewable fuel innovation.

But right now, the RFS is under attack. A series of misguided assertions seek to blame this forward-looking energy policy for a recent spike in the price of corn, one of the many crops used for renewable fuel production. Make no mistake: corn prices are going up because the United States is suffering the worst drought since the Dust Bowl, not because of the RFS. While this drought is certainly harming rural communities, dismantling or slowing down the RFS would cause even greater damage. A few points to consider:

  • The RFS has helped revitalize America’s rural communities, adding some $500 billion to farm assets in the last five years.

  • The RFS has helped create and protect more than 400,000 jobs in the advanced and conventional renewable fuel industries.

  • U.S. renewable fuel growth has helped reduce oil imports from the Persian Gulf region by 25% since 2000.

  • Waiving the RFS won’t have an appreciable impact on food prices – since June this year, corn prices have climbed 50% while ethanol production has actually fallen 15% since January.

  • Using renewable fuel instead of gasoline reduces CO2 emissions by 20-50% using today’s technology.

So if you’d like to help us defend rural communities, encourage energy innovation and strengthen our energy independence, join us in our fight to protect the RFS by taking our pledge, following us on Twitter @FuelsAmerica, and visiting our site for more updates. 

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