POLL: Americans are tired of volatile gas prices, want more renewable fuel

Our June 2013 public opinion poll gauged the consumer impacts of constantly fluctuating gas prices, revealing what Americans think is the solution: renewable fuel.

  • 75% want more renewable fuel options at gas stations
  • 3 in 5 blame the oil industry for high gas prices
  • 73% favor the Renewable Fuel Standard


Read our infographic to learn more (click to enlarge):


Overwhelmingly, Americans think the nation should be using more renewable fuel (80%). What’s more, they support the one policy, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), that is making that happen (73%).

What volatile gas prices mean for consumers


  • 55% of consumers said that if gas prices go up, they would be likely to take fewer road trips to visit friends and family

The new normal: unpredictable gas prices, brought to you by the oil industry


  • 59% of consumers blame the oil industry for high gas prices

Consumers know they want less oil and more renewable fuel


  • 75% of consumers want more renewable fuel options at gas stations

Environmentalists were even more critical of oil and even more supportive of renewable fuel


  • 89% of environmentalists believe replacing oil with renewable fuel would benefit the environment
  • 82% of environmentalists support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) compared to 73% of the nation

Renewable fuel is a boon to national security


  • 69% of Americans believe that replacing oil imports with renewable fuel production is “critical” to national security
  • 87% of military households have a favorable opinion of the RFS compared to 80% of the nation
  • 63% of people who are engaged in active military service or have served in the past blame oil companies for high bas prices compared to 59% of the nation

Support for renewable fuel and the RFS is bipartisan


  • Liberals (83%), Moderates (76%), and Conservatives (60%) all support the Renewable Fuel Standard

For more information, read our press release here.

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