Standing Up to the Oil Industry

Renewable fuel is making a critical difference for our economy, for our environment and for Americans like you. In uncertain times, renewable fuel is a strong and reliable catalyst for growth, creating jobs while promoting a cleaner environment and choice at the pump. But renewable fuel is under attack.

The oil industry is spending millions to roll back an established, proven standard that promotes renewable fuel – the one policy that has proven to work in breaking our addiction to oil and providing real benefits to Americans.

By attacking renewable fuel, oil companies are stifling consumer choice and jeopardizing our national security – all to protect profits that are higher than those of any other industry in history, due in large part to the fact that they receive $800 million in tax breaks and $7 billion in government subsidies every year.

The oil industry needs to be stopped. It’s time to call out the lies they’ve been selling and rally together to create a movement to protect renewable fuel, consumer choice and our environment.


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